Photo School has one simple goal: to help you get control of your camera and take great photos.

Photography is made up of many simple concepts that, when combined, can lead to frustration and confusion. By breaking them down and having them explained in simple terms you, too, can take photos you can be proud of.

Photo School was disrupted by the pandemic. After this enforced break I am in the process of bringing it back. More information here.

About Pete

Photo School is run by Pete Ashton, an established Birmingham artist, photographer and trainer.

Pete has been teaching photography through Photo School since 2012. He specialises in teaching beginners and particularly enjoys the challenge of explaining complex concepts in simple terms.

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Personal Tuition

Tuition can cover a multitude of things, from absolute beginner basics to mentoring through a photography project. Available online or in-person, tuition costs £30 per hour.

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