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About Photo School

Photo School has one core aim: to help you get control of your camera and take great photos.

Photography is made up of many simple concepts that, when combined, can lead to frustration and confusion. By breaking them down and having them explained in simple terms you, too, can take photos you can be proud of.

About Pete

Photo School is run by Pete Ashton, an established Birmingham artist, photographer and trainer.

Pete has been teaching photography through Photo School since 2012. He specialises in teaching beginners and particularly enjoys the challenge of explaining complex concepts in simple terms.

Beginners Photography


Not everyone wants to be a “professional” photographer. Most people just want to take better photos. Photo School can help you do that.

Beginners Photography


Master the controls of your camera and learn how to take photos you can be proud of. No prior knowledge required!

Upcoming Beginners Classes

Beginners run from January to June and September to December.



Bespoke personal tuition in photography, perfect for those with a bit of knowledge who need something “off the menu”.

Photo Walks


Explore the hidden corners of Birmingham through the safety and inspiration of a group photo walk.

Photo Walks are about slowing down and really looking at the details of the city while learning from being in a group. More a meander than an exercising walk, we usually cover a mile in 90 minutes mixing in a bit of local history, myths, legends and tall stories. While not a formal workshop, I'm always on hand to offer advice and help you get the most out of your camera.

All cameras and levels of experience are welcome. I've even had people come without a camera for the experience of looking at the Birmingham in new ways.

A year-long pass for all my walks is available for £35.

Upcoming Walks

Jun 3: Digbeth
Jul 1: Spaghetti Junction
Sep tba: Digbeth
Oct tba: Spaghetti Junction
Nov tba: Digbeth
Nov tba: City at Night
Dec tba: City at Night

Sep 2: Digbeth
Oct 7: Spaghetti Junction
Nov 4: Digbeth
Nov 13: City at Night
Dec 4: City at Night

Photography Workshops


Extended classes with achievable outcomes tailored for your needs.

Clubs & Societies

Improve the standard of photography in your group, or set up a photo club at your business.


A service for cultural organisations, art galleries and museums.

Active Seeing

Encourages awareness of environment and contemplation to create rewarding images.

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