The Digbeth photo walk went ahead today despite the drizzly rain. Eight people took the plunge and 90 minutes later were smiling and happy, if rather damp. Big thanks to the Spotted Dog for lighting their fire as soon as we arrived. Much appreciated.

Highlight of the walk had to be a kestrel which Nick Cheese found around the corner from the flower mural. It had its talons around a headless rat and was munching away. Nick managed to get really close (by crawling along the ground on his belly – bonus points there) and took some wonderful photos.

That would have been enough but we ploughed on with our slow stroll around the backstreets of Bradford St, indulging in a little brownfield trespassing along the way. Maris and Rob have already added some of their photos to our Flickr pool and here’s a couple of theirs I liked.

Tyre by Rob Morgan

Birmingham by Maris Ulmkalns

Response to this walk was great (12 people signed up before the rain hit) and we’ll definitely be running more before now and Christmas. Look for walks through the Jewellery Quarter, into the hidden corners of the city centre, a tripod session at night and the often requested return to Spaghetti Junction.

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[Update: I was assured before posting by a bird-spotter that the bird was a sparrowhawk. It turns out he was wrong and it’s a kestrel. Ornithology is obviously very hard.]