Last weekend we ran a workshop for Theatre Ark on the art and science of portrait photography. Theatre Ark is a youth arts group run by young people aged 14-20 who are undertaking a portrait project around Birmingham in the Spring. As such they need to develop their portrait photography skills so they called us in for a 6 hour workshop.

Taking place in AE Harris, the warehouse venue run by Stan’s Cafe (which we’ll be using for our Light Painting workshop in March) we started the day with a short lecture on the history and art of portrait photography and outlined the aims of the day – composition, naturally, but also a good understanding and use of light.

Matt gives the lecture.

Matt gives the lecture.

We then split them up into groups of three to take photos in our different “studios” where they would work with different types of light including professional studio lights, wireless flash, natural light (indoors and out) and household lamps, encouraging them to experiment with their composition but always be aware of the light, particularly how it was reflected back.

And off they went!

Photo School Portrait Workshop 02

Photo School Portrait Workshop 03

Photo School Portrait Workshop 04

Photo School Portrait Workshop 05

The workshop was a rousing success with some wonderful photos which blew us away and hopefully the lessons about light sunk in. The proof will come when their project starts in the Spring, I guess.

The Theatre Ark members are going to put their favourite photos online soon so I’ll do a link to them when that happens.

We’re really keen to do more workshops like this and our rates are surprisingly reasonable, I’m told. Please get in touch to discuss.