Beginners’ Photography

Teaching beginners is at the heart of how I run Photo School.

Learning how to use your camera to make beautiful images can seem daunting. So many buttons and so much confusing jargon. Where to start?

Over the years I’ve developed a technique for breaking it down to simple concepts which anyone can understand, and then building real knowledge about how they all fit together.

My goals, as a teacher, are to:

  • Quickly get you taking control of the camera and taking better photos.
  • Help you understand why certain settings do certain things.
  • Make sure you’re not overwhelmed – I just teach what’s needed to get started.
  • Give you a foundation of basic knowledge, which you can build on later at your own pace.

Forthcoming Beginners Classes

Stirchley classes take place at Loaf Cookery School in South Birmingham. Full venue details are on the booking pages.

If you have voucher or credit, please get in touch before booking.

March 18th


April 15th


May 20th


June 17th



Classes run monthly and are announced via the Photo School newsletter:

Beginners Course

I teach my own Beginners Photography course in Birmingham.

This is aimed at people who have bought a DSLR or similar camera with lots of functions and have no idea how to use it. No prior knowledge is assumed and there are no stupid questions!

By the end of it you will be able to shoot in an Advanced mode and control the brightness, focus and motion blur in your photos.

You will also have a grounding in composition – simple tricks to make your photos more dramatic and aesthetically pleasing.

Bespoke Workshops

Beginners Photography can be run almost anywhere and is flexible enough to be tailored for your specific needs.

Institutions: Offer photography courses to your members and visitors.

Businesses: Give your marketing staff the skills to document your activities more professionally with training workshops.

Clubs and Societies: Let me show you how to photograph your passions at a professional standard.

Why it works

While everyone learns differently, and no method is perfect, I’m really pleased with the successes I’ve had over the years in giving people a clear understanding of how their camera works and the confidence to use it on their own terms.

My approach brings a solid knowledge of the science but uses this as a tool for expression, enabling you to start taking photographs that mean something to you and are pleasing to others, whether they be portraits, holiday snaps or documenting an event.

The camera is more than a box for making pictures. It’s a device which helps us see the world in new ways, to communicate new ideas to each other. Photography (along with cinema) was arguably the art-form that defined the 20th century, and now, as cameras are in nearly every pocket and sharing photos on the internet can be done in seconds, that art-form is accessible to everyone.

I remember when I first figured out the fundamentals of photography. It was October 2005, I was 33, and it’s safe to say it changed both my life and my relationship with the world. I want everyone to experience that transformative process, and that’s why I say Beginners Photography is at the heart of Photo School.