This three hour walking workshop takes in the buildings, canals and roadways of central Birmingham with an emphasis on tripods and long exposures. If you’re a complete novice Pete will be on hand to show you how to shoot in Manual and use your tripod effectively. If you’re an expert you can benefit from safety in numbers.

Tripods can be hired for £5.

Suitable for: All photographers with cameras that can do long exposures.

Accessibility: Mostly pavements and canal towpaths, some steps. Fairly good accessibility.

Frequency: Weekday evening, monthly from Nov to Feb.

Starting Point: Cherry Reds cafe, John Bright St.

Standard price: £15

Upcoming Classes

Class Date Price Book
Intermediate Composition Jan 20 £20 Book
Beginners Photography Jan 27 £40 Book
City at Night Feb 12 £15 Book
Intermediate Metering Feb 17 £20 Book
Intermediate Focus Feb 17 £20 Book
Beginners Photography Feb 24 £40 Book
Intermediate Composition Mar 3 £20 Book
Lightroom Basics Mar 3 £30 Book
Beginners Photography Mar 24 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Apr 28 £40 Book
Beginners Photography May 26 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Jun 23 £40 Book

If you have a voucher or credit, please get in touch before booking.

Upcoming Walks

Walk Date Price Book
Digbeth Feb 3 £10 Book
City at Night Feb 12 £15 Book
Bournville Feb 16 £10 Book
Jewellery Quarter Mar 2 £10 Book
Spaghetti Junction Apr 7 £15 Book
Digbeth May 5 £10 Book
Bournville May 18 £10 Book
Jewellery Quarter Jun 1 £10 Book
Spaghetti Junction Jul 7 £15 Book
Walk Pass 12 months £45 Buy Now

If you have a voucher or credit, please get in touch before booking.

Photos from City at Night with Tripods