This three hour night-time walk takes in the buildings, canals and roadways of central Birmingham with an emphasis on tripods and long exposures.

Warming up in the Jewellery Quarter, where beginners can get up to speed, we head over the Queensway to shoot the cars, then on to the canals of Brindley Place before ending at the new Centenary Square.

If you’re a complete novice I’ll be on hand to show you how to shoot in Manual and use your tripod effectively. If you’re an expert you can benefit from safety in numbers. Most people are somewhere inbetween.

Tripods can be hired for £5.

Suitable for: All photographers with cameras that can do long exposures.

Accessibility: Mostly pavements and canal towpaths, some steps. Fairly good accessibility.

Frequency: Weekday evening, monthly from Nov to Feb.

Starting Point: Outside St Paul’s Church, Jewellery Quarter.

Standard price: £15

Upcoming Walks

Photo School classes and walks have been suspended due to coronavirus. I will be in touch soon with those who have booked or bought vouchers. Thank you for your patience. More about how the outbreak will affect Photo School.

Photos from City at Night with Tripods