Photo School vouchers are available in any denomination you desire and can be used as credit against all my services, from walks to personal tuition.

Your personalised voucher is emailed as a PDF for you to print out along with instructions on how to use it.

(Have a look at a sample PDF voucher.)

Credit is recorded with me and can be spread over various events. There’s no expiry date, because that’s just evil. However, in the event of my ceasing to run Photo School classes and events, only vouchers purchased within the previous 12 months will be eligible for a refund.

Purchase a voucher

To purchase a voucher, just click on the Buy Now button below.

You’ll be taken to a secure payment page where you can enter the value you require.

This will be followed by a form to enter the recipient’s name.

If you have any questions or problems, please get in touch.

Buy Now

If you’re uncertain how much to buy

Redeeming your voucher

If you’ve received one of my vouchers, spending it is easy. Have a look around the site and if there’s anything you’d like to do, send me an email. I’ll book you a place and adjust your records.

Your voucher is effectively a credit note, recorded on my big spreadsheet under your name.

If your voucher doesn’t cover the cost of the event I’ll invoice you for the balance (or you can pay on the day if that’s easier).

If the event costs less than your credit I’ll simply deduct it leaving the rest for another event.

If in doubt, get in touch!