We’re winding down slightly for the summer and making plans for the new classes starting in September but there will be a few specials alongside the regular walks. The first to be scheduled is a team-up with the Ikon Gallery tying in with their major summer exhibition.

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Something that Floats / Something that Sinks is “the first major survey of work by Shimabuku (b. Kobe, 1969), including installation, video, drawings and sculptural pieces dating back to the early 1990s, when he first emerged as an artist in Japan, up to the present day. Shimabuku’s artistic practice is characterised by an intense fascination with the natural world and the countless manifestations of human culture within it; encouraging us to break with established habits of perception and enjoy experiences as if they are happening to us for the first time.”

When I was asked by Ikon to propose a workshop to tie in with this I latched on to an interest in local myths and legends I saw in some of Shimabuku’s work and suggested we use this as our framework. After a guided tour of the exhibition by Ikon curatorial staff we’ll start building our list of myths and legends, the gods and monsters that live in modern Birmingham and consider how we might capture them using photography. The meat of the day is a street workshop where we get outside and find these stories and, in the process, improve everyone’s photography. Back in the gallery we’ll look at everyone’s photos and have a group discussion. The end result should be a fun and thoughtful day with lots of practical advice for your everyday shooting.

The event is being organised and sold by Ikon so please book directly with them. The cost is £45 for a 6 hour session on Saturday 17th August.