My Beginners class is pitched as “everything I learned in my first year and in hindsight wondered why it took so long”. It gets you over the initial hump and sets you up to teach yourself.

These Intermediate classes could be described as “everything else, piece by piece”. Photography as a discipline can never fully be mastered. We are always learning new things about the nature of light and how to capture it through a lens.

Each class is 90 minutes long and covers a small selection of subjects so as not to overwhelm. There’s plenty of space for questions and discussion to make sure the concepts are fully understood.

There are currently four classes. They stand alone and can be taken in any order, individually or as a set. If they are popular I may add more.

Intermediate: Lenses and Focus

  • What does something like “Nikon 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G VR AF-P DX” actually mean?
  • How does the lens affect the image?
  • Focus modes - what do they do and when should we use them?

Intermediate: Measuring and Metering

  • Exposure Values.
  • Metering for correct exposure.
  • What is White Balance, and when does it matter?
  • Bracketing and Continuous shooting.

Intermediate: Composition

  • Moving on from the Rule of Thirds
  • Analysing the “great photographers”.
  • Understanding why a photo works.

General Details

Suitable for: Those who have completed my Beginners course, or taught themselves the basics of photography.

Requirements: DLSR, mirrorless or similar camera with wide functionality. Enquire if not sure.

Frequency: Occasional, on a Wednesday evening at 6:30pm or 8:30pm.

Venue: Artefact Cafe, Stirchley [map].

Standard price: £15 per person.

Upcoming Classes

Class Date Price Book
Lightroom Basics Nov 25 £30 Book
City at Night Dec 4 £15 Book
Beginners Photography Dec 9 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Jan 13 £40 Book
City at Night Jan 15 £15 Book
Intermediate Composition Jan 20 £20 Book
Lightroom Basics Jan 20 £30 Book
Beginners Photography Jan 27 £40 Book
City at Night Feb 12 £15 Book
Intermediate Metering Feb 17 £20 Book
Intermediate Focus Feb 17 £20 Book
Beginners Photography Feb 24 £40 Book
Intermediate Composition Mar 3 £20 Book
Lightroom Basics Mar 3 £30 Book
Beginners Photography Mar 24 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Apr 28 £40 Book
Beginners Photography May 26 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Jun 23 £40 Book

If you have a voucher or credit, please get in touch before booking.