Over the years I’ve developed a technique for breaking photography down to simple concepts which anyone can understand, and then building real knowledge about how they all fit together.

My goals, as a teacher, are to:

  • Quickly get you taking control of the camera and taking better photos.
  • Help you understand why certain settings do certain things.
  • Make sure you’re not overwhelmed – I just teach what’s needed.
  • Give you a foundation of basic knowledge, which you can build on later at your own pace.

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Upcoming Classes

Class Date Price Book
Lightroom Basics Nov 25 £30 Book
City at Night Dec 4 £15 Book
Beginners Photography Dec 9 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Jan 13 £40 Book
City at Night Jan 15 £15 Book
Intermediate Composition Jan 20 £20 Book
Lightroom Basics Jan 20 £30 Book
Beginners Photography Jan 27 £40 Book
City at Night Feb 12 £15 Book
Intermediate Metering Feb 17 £20 Book
Intermediate Focus Feb 17 £20 Book
Beginners Photography Feb 24 £40 Book
Intermediate Composition Mar 3 £20 Book
Lightroom Basics Mar 3 £30 Book
Beginners Photography Mar 24 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Apr 28 £40 Book
Beginners Photography May 26 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Jun 23 £40 Book

If you have a voucher or credit, please get in touch before booking.

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Beginners Photography

Developed and refined over five years, Beginners Photography is at the heart of Photo School. My one-day class will see you understanding the fundamentals and set you up to continue learning in your own way.

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Personal Tuition

If learning in a class doesn’t appeal to you or you’re after something quite specific, I can offer personal tuition. A chat in a cafe, a bespoke one-on-one class, an afternoon out taking photographs or something else that suits your needs.

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Intermediate Photography

New for 2018, a series of short classes looking at camera functions and compositional techniques.

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Lightroom Basics

Adobe’s Lightroom Classic is the industry standard for processing digital photographs but it has a steep learning curve. You’ll understand the hows and whys of this powerful piece of software and be able to process your photos to another level.

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City at Night

This winter photo walk attracts a lot of beginners, so I’m formally turning it into class for 2018/19. Learn how to shoot long exposures in Manual mode and start to appreciate the complexity of artificial light.

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Bespoke Packages

My classes and workshops can be run almost anywhere and can be tailored for your specific needs.

Institutions: Offer photography courses to your members and visitors.

Businesses: Give your marketing team the skills to document your activities and promote your business.

Clubs and Societies: Let me show you how to photograph your passions at a professional standard.

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