Lightroom Classic* is the industry-standard desktop application for processing photographs. Whereas Photoshop is about manipulating digital images of all kinds, Lightroom is purely about those produced with a camera.

This three hour workshop will outline in simple terms how to use Lightroom to make your pictures pop!

We will cover:

  • The Lightroom workflow: importing, managing your library, processing images and exporting.
  • Understanding non-destructive editing.
  • Introduction to all the varieties of Black and White.
  • RAW, JPEG, etc. What format to use and how to judge their quality.

This workshop will have you comfortable using Lightroom for basic tasks and able to learn more at your own pace.


Suitable for: Beginners wanting to learn Lightroom Classic.

Requirements: Laptop computer running Lightroom Classic required for practical sessions, though you are very welcome to just watch and make notes.

Frequency: Occasional, on a Wednesday evening.

Venue: Artefact Cafe, Stirchley [map].

Standard price: £25 per person.

Upcoming Classes

Class Date Price Book
Lightroom Basics July 18 £25 Book
Intermediate: Modes July 25 £15 Book
Intermediate: Lenses and Focus July 25 £15 Book
Intermediate: Measuring and Metering Aug 8 £15 Book
Intermediate: Composition Aug 8 £15 Book
Beginners Sep 16 £40 Book
Beginners Oct 14 £40 Book
Beginners Nov 11 £40 Book
City at Night Nov 13 £15 Book
City at Night Dec 4 £15 Book
Beginners Dec 9 £40 Book

If you have a voucher or credit, please get in touch before booking.

*Adobe have recently launched, and are aggressively pushing, “Lightroom CC”, a cloud-based, multi-platform image editing system which is seriously limited in functionality and is not covered by this course.