Developed with the Ikon gallery in Birmingham, this workshop is for organisations that want to develop how audiences creatively engage with their programming.

The full-day workshop uses exhibitions and collections as an inspirational framework and results in a deeper awareness of the work along with development of technical and aesthetic skills.

I regularly ran these with Simon Taylor from Ikon’s education department. After a brief introduction, Simon leads the group on a tour of the gallery where he talks about how the artist approaches their work, both technically and intellectually, and picks out themes and issues to consider.

We then return to the classroom and discuss what we’ve seen, developing it into a framework for photographing Birmingham. Something this is a simple case of aesthetics, sometimes it’s a little more conceptual.

With our framework in place, and after a break for lunch, we spend two hours walking around Birmingham with our cameras taking photos, always thinking about the exhibiting artist. Finally, back at Ikon, I load the photos onto a computer and we talk through them as a group, using our experience to think about how we’ll develop our photography in the future.

Case Study: AK Dolven at Ikon

Ikon’s show was a retrospective of Norwegian artist AK Dolven and the group quickly latched on to how she used cameras and photography “wrongly”, defocusing or obscuring the lens to create a novel, ethereal effect.

We gathered together a variety of glass and plastic objects to put in front of our lenses and figured out how to override the focus, unlearning a lot of the rules of photography and stretching how we thought about composition and “perfection” in photography.


Pricing is based on the amount of time required to both prepare, deliver and follow up on the workshop. If you have a specific budget I can tailor the prepartion to that and ultimately you get what you pay for.

I have in the past charged between £100 and £1500 for workshops. Your requirements are likely to be somewhere on that scale so please email or call to discuss.

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