Photography Workshops

A Photo School Workshop is usually a self-contained session lasting 3-6 hours.

I start with a class-based lesson introducing myself and setting the theme, followed by a group discussion. We then do a practical session, often outside, applying the techniques and ideas we’ve discussed. Finally, after a break, we return for a group review, putting everyone’s photos on the big screen, reflecting on what happened and setting future goals.

All workshops are tailored to your specific requirements and I am always open to ideas and new challenges.

Workshop Packages

Clubs and Societies

Improve the standard of photography in your group, or set up a photo club at your business.

A one-day workshop, based at your usual venue, adapted from my Beginners course but tailored to your subject matter.

Alternatively, a series of lunchtime sessions at your place of work with the aim of setting up a self-running photography society.


A service for cultural organisations, art galleries and museums.

A full-day workshop using your exhibitions as an inspirational framework.

Have your audience creatively engage with your programme and develop their skills.

Workshop developed with Ikon Gallery's educational department.

Active Seeing

Active Seeing is what happens before the photo is taken.

Encourages awareness of environment and contemplation.

Develop compositional skills and create rewarding images.

Designed to complement therapeutic courses...

Beginners Photography

Bespoke classes offered as part of your programme.

Offer a new service to your visitor and members.

Can be tailored to suit your venue.

Flexible and self-contained - can set up anywhere.


Pricing depends on the amount of time required to both prepare and deliver the workshop.

Fully bespoke, full-day workshop start from £350 per day, priced to include meeting with you beforehand and any extra materials I need to purchase and prepare.

For a workshop where I don't need to do any preparation and can use existing materials, I charge the same as for Personal Tuition: £50 for the first hour and £25 for each additional hour, or £150 for a full day.

Your requirements are likely to be somewhere in between so please email or call to discuss.