Active Seeing Workshops

Active Seeing is what happens before the photo is taken.

This workshop encourages awareness of the environment around us and aids with contemplation. Designed to complement therapeutic courses, participants also develop compositional skills and create rewarding images.

Effectively a photography class without any technical content, this is suitable for all levels of ability and all types of cameras.

Currently run as an afternoon session for Escaping Victimhood, a charity working with victims of violent crime, the workshop fits into their residential therapeutic programme as a creative activity.

After meeting the participants over lunch, I do a brief presentation about my work as a photographer and artist. We then discuss techniques used by photographers before the camera is even picked up, of being aware of their surroundings and actively looking for subject matter. Ultimately becoming a predictive, rather than reactive, photographer.

With this in mind we move outside and explore the surrounding area, looking for patterns and shapes which might make for good photos. This gives the participants permission to stand still and simply be, taking in their surroundings.

The walk is accompanied and run as a group, but participants are able to drift off and be alone if they need to be. At the end we regroup, review photos and discuss the experience which is folded into the broader workshop.

I have personally found these workshops incredibly rewarding and am very interested in developing them with other organisations. If you have any leads on how I might do so please get in touch.

(Photo taken at a different workshop due to the sensitive nature of these sessions.)


Pricing depends on the amount of time required to both prepare and deliver the workshop.

Fully bespoke, full-day workshop start from £350 per day, priced to include meeting with you beforehand and any extra materials I need to purchase and prepare.

For a workshop where I don't need to do any preparation and can use existing materials, I charge the same as for Personal Tuition: £50 for the first hour and £25 for each additional hour, or £150 for a full day.

Your requirements are likely to be somewhere in between so please email or call to discuss.