Workshops for Clubs and Societies

Improve the standard of photography in your group, or set up a photography club at your business.

I’m often asked to bring my workshops to a specific place, frequently to help people photograph a specific subject. It’s always a pleasure and I find my teaching methods adapt nicely to the challenge.

The workshop is usually based on the Beginners course and tailored to your needs.

Full-day workshop

We start with a classroom-based session, ensuring everyone’s skills are up to scratch and a discussion about how the workshop will progress.

We then move on to the practical session, usually an hour outside working through the topics covered. Working in groups or alone, I’m on hand to help translate the theory into action.

Finally we return to the classroom, load everyone’s photos on the big screen and review our work, going over the theory again so it’s clear in everyone’s heads.

Lunchtime workshop course

Available to businesses based in Birmingham city centre, this is perfect for co-workers looking to set up a photography club.

Over a period of weeks we run a number of 45-60 minute sessions which build up to a comprehensive package of photographic knowledge. Each week I also set homework with participants’ photos reviewed at the start of the session.

A logical conclusion to the course is the setting up of a photography club for workers, for which there is often support available from the business for staff activities.

Case Study: Horse Riding

One of my Beginners students had a horse which she kept at Dudmaston Stud and mentioned that other riders at the stable wanted to take better photos of their horses, particularly when they went to shows. They split the fee between them and I took my workshop out to deepest Shropshire.

Being a training stable there was a classroom on site which I could install a screen in and we went through the basic skills needed to photograph a moving animal in different lighting conditions. By the end everyone felt a lot more confident and was able to produce photos of their horses that they were proud of.

Case Study: Deutsche Bank

I was contacted by a someone from Deutsche Bank‘s Birmingham offices, who had been on my Photo Walks, about helping them set up a photography club for the staff. The company would subsidise my fee and the goal was to produce an exhibition of staff photos in the canteen to encourage others to join.

I ran three lunchtimes sessions geared towards composition, culminating in a guided walk along the canals surrounding their offices, giving confidence to the absolute beginners and helping the more advanced participants deal with specific issues. Finally I left them with a long-term plan to keep the club going.


Pricing depends on the amount of time required to both prepare and deliver the workshop.

Fully bespoke, full-day workshop start from £350 per day, priced to include meeting with you beforehand and any extra materials I need to purchase and prepare.

For a workshop where I don't need to do any preparation and can use existing materials, I charge the same as for Personal Tuition: £50 for the first hour and £25 for each additional hour, or £150 for a full day.

Your requirements are likely to be somewhere in between so please email or call to discuss.