The Guardian’s Camera Club is a nice sideline they’ve been developing for a while now. Realising that part of the appeal of looking at great photos is learning from them they give tips and advice, sometimes explicitly in portfolio reviews but also sneaking them into unexpected places.

I downloaded their Eyewitness app for the iPad the other day which, alongside reasonably priced premium content, has a Photo A Day from the news. Clicking on the caption box flips it to a Pro Tip in plain language with the camera settings if available. It’s a lovely way to start thinking more analytically about image making and understanding why that photo makes you go “Ooh!”

Here’s a few screenshots.

“Look for spot colours to focus on in overly grey conditions.”

“Always look around the periphery of an event. There you will find the moments that flesh out the human story.”

“1/60th of a second was a slow enough shutter speed to create movement among this fast moving subject.”

“A low angle shooting position, with strong diagonal composition, emphasises the drama of this shot.”

“The composition of the gorilla’s hand and leaf with the use of a wide aperture has framed the intimate moment well.”

If you have an iPad I highly recommend this app. Here’s the iTunes link.

All photos copyright the respective owners.