So, Saturday at Artsfest. We had a good pitch and the sun shone all day. Lots of people came by and some of them might even have typed the URL from the leaflet in and be reading this right now. A few of them might even buy a course. And that will make it all worth while. (The classes are listed on the left there. That’s right. Just move your mouse over the… yep… and click… there you go.)

The main thing I learned from today, other than that there’s a huge hunger for photography tutorial in various forms, was that our “offer” really wasn’t that clear. That’s why these sorts of shows, throwing yourself into public attention, as so important. Within an hour I knew our leaflets were fundamentally flawed and our message was confused. That should be fixed for Sunday.

We also found that while the walk was quickly signed up for, the surgery idea was a bust. People just didn’t get it, and if they didn’t, they didn’t really want it, so we won’t be bringing the computer back. Which is quite a relief, actually.

The walk went fairly well. It was a realistic distance covered neatly in an hour taking in swathes of Artsfest but also getting off the beaten track a bit. We covered street photography, architecture, detail and portraiture and, while it’s really hard to teach the subtlties of photography during an event like Artsfest, those who made it to the end seemed to enjoy it.

Those seven people who didn’t make it past the first 20 minutes, well, I can only apologise. Off-handedly I said we’d meet at the Iron Man and then completely forgot. I thought the group looked smaller but just assumed people had wondered off, not thinking to go back and check. I can only blame being in the sun all day for frying my brain. It was a terrible thing to do, deeply unprofessional and not the sort of personal standard we like to have at Photo School. Gah.

Rest assured I’ll be keeping a count all the way through the walk on Sunday.

Other than that slip-up I’m pretty happy with Photo School’s first venture into the wide world of arts marketing. The kid survived and heads back tomorrow wiser and with a rather nice tan. We look forward to seeing you.

Epic thanks to Mark, Grace and Fiona for manning the stall while we were on the walk. We couldn’t have survived it without you.