To promote my classes, tuition and walks, I run occasional drop-in surgeries at public events to give you a taste of what I offer.

You can ask me any questions about how your camera works or how to improve your photography and I will do my best to answer within 10 minutes. If we need more time, a class or tuition session will be recommended.

If you are coming to the event specially and want to ensure a slot at a particular time, please feel free to email me in advance and I’ll save you a space.

Questions might include:

  • How can I tell the camera where to focus?
  • Why is this photo better than that photo?
  • Why did this photo come out too dark?
  • How can I make the background blurry?
  • What lens should I buy next?
  • How can you take photos in public without getting in trouble?
  • What’s a good camera for a beginner?

Basically I’ll have a go at whatever you throw at me.

For In September and November 2018 I will be running surgeries at Stirchley Community Market featuring many local food and craft traders, so there’s plenty to see and do.

If you know of an event that I could run a surgery at, either for promotional purposes or commissioned for a fee, please do get in touch.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes

Class Date Price Book
Lightroom Basics Nov 25 £30 Book
City at Night Dec 4 £15 Book
Beginners Photography Dec 9 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Jan 13 £40 Book
City at Night Jan 15 £15 Book
Intermediate Composition Jan 20 £20 Book
Lightroom Basics Jan 20 £30 Book
Beginners Photography Jan 27 £40 Book
City at Night Feb 12 £15 Book
Intermediate Metering Feb 17 £20 Book
Intermediate Focus Feb 17 £20 Book
Beginners Photography Feb 24 £40 Book
Intermediate Composition Mar 3 £20 Book
Lightroom Basics Mar 3 £30 Book
Beginners Photography Mar 24 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Apr 28 £40 Book
Beginners Photography May 26 £40 Book
Beginners Photography Jun 23 £40 Book

If you have a voucher or credit, please get in touch before booking.