If you’re going to attend at least four of my photo walks, this is for you. For £45 you’ll be issued with a Discount Code valid for one year, starting on the date of your choosing.

Needless to say, this makes a perfect gift!

It does come with some conditions, which I may update as loopholes reveal themselves:

  • It’s only valid for one person. If you want bring a friend they need to pay.
  • It’s not transferable. Your friend cannot use it in your place.
  • The pass is valid for events listed on the Walks page only.

This is a very small operation and I will spot any monkey business which will see me cancel your pass and, more importantly, be quite upset.

Is it worth it?

Every walk I run is different, whether or not I follow the same route. The weather, people, buildings, everything changes over time and I always feel I’m seeing the area afresh.

I also get bored and want to mix things up, trying new routes or checking out a new place I’ve heard about. While I’ll often hit the same landmarks, the journey between them will always be new.

In 2018 I ran 17 walks. For 2018 I have scheduled 14 walks through to July with more due in the Autumn.

Buy it now for £45

Upcoming Walks

Walk Date Price Book
City at Night Dec 4 £15 Book
Spaghetti Junction Jan 6 £15 Book
City at Night Jan 15 £15 Book
Digbeth Feb 3 £10 Book
City at Night Feb 12 £15 Book
Bournville Feb 16 £10 Book
Jewellery Quarter Mar 2 £10 Book
Spaghetti Junction Apr 7 £15 Book
Digbeth May 5 £10 Book
Bournville May 18 £10 Book
Jewellery Quarter Jun 1 £10 Book
Spaghetti Junction Jul 7 £15 Book
Walk Pass 12 months £45 Buy Now

If you have a voucher or credit, please get in touch before booking.